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[sticky post] All the info in one

I wanted to make a sticky note with all the links to my Stuff on it. Just so it's easier for me. This is still In Progress.

I sometimes create things for Sims houses usually. I also have my legacy Sims on there. There is an 8 PT mod on there as well. I have done experiments recoloring clothing. I may put those up there once I am more comfortable with it and can re-create and take pictures among other things.

I also have a WORD PRESS account but its for more real life stuff instead of Sims stuff.  You can look at it if you want to, :D

Forever Flowing: The Azure Legacy
Or Linked under the cut:
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I've been lacking in posts because my job and planning has been taking up much of my time. This is the second post about medical things for my trip to Japan. Now that my trip is two weeks away things are getting more stressful (Ok honestly I'm just stressing myself out because I want to make sure everything goes smoothly).
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Journey To Japan: Vaccinations

So over the next couple posts I will go into detail about certain medical aspects for travel to Japan. Vaccinations, Yakkan Shoumei and medicines in Japan, as well as health coverage. This first post will be about Vaccinations.

When traveling to any foreign country you should always check the CDC website (I will link it later in the post) for information on vaccinations needed for travel.

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Travel Safe, and always do research. I'll come back with other medical information once I know more about it.

Journey to Japan: Airplane Tickets

Hello again, sorry it's been so long, I'm still here. I Just have been busy with work and planning. Today I finally bought my tickets for my trip. It's getting closer and closer each day and I'm getting more and more excited!

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Journey to Japan: Budgeting

Now that Thanksgiving has passed here, I'm hearing Christmas music and working on what I'm getting my family members for the Holidays. This year my siblings and I had and idea: combine our money to get someone a more expensive gift. My parents are already set (although they got a big gift from the four of us and a couple smaller ones) and my two brothers are already set. My sister is the only one left. Now my sister is a bit different, she is moving to Long Island and all she wanted was movies. She wrote a list. I'm trying to figure out which ones to get her and how much I will spend.

Thinking about the holiday season brought me to this thought: what budget am I going to set for myself when I go to Japan?

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So it Begins, My Journey to Japan

Back in August, I applied to a Japanese language School in Tokyo. I have always wanted to study abroad in Japan but I didn’t get the chance when I was in College. I had dreamed of going to Japan since I was in High School but I often bounced around with thoughts about WHAT I would go there for.

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I’m in the midst of other plans, but I will get to more of that another time. Enjoy Your Day!

My Plans for My Livejournal

Alright so my livejournal used to be Sims based. I haven't really played my Sims games in a while but when I do I will still talk about it here. With that in mind I really want to blog some more on here because I like writing that is pretty much it. I will continue to post Sims stuff when i have it, post my stories when i have them but I will also be posting alot more Real life stuff (ok so i have been doing that for a while but still). I will be adding a couple new series' I guess you could say. Well The first half will be for now and the second half will be going from April to June of next year. Many of those posts I may also have on my Wordpress Blog as well, but it will be the same exact thing just so you don't read everything twice (unless you want to, then go right ahead). The wordpress blog I started last year because I was encouraged to write articles so I have something to show if I ever wanted to be a freelance writer, write articles for websites/magazines/newspapers or even just a paid blogger (which i'm honestly starting to look into, we will see what happens).

Anyways, the series will be called "Journey To Japan" until April then "Journey In Japan" from April until June. I will put up my first post for this as soon as I'm done here. I made a list of topics to cover for it about what I'm doing to get ready and more. When I'm there, I'm planning on writing about my everyday experiences. As for when I get back form Japan, well,  we will see what happens (i haven't exactly thought that far ahead). So If you are interested in reading it that's great, if not that's not a problem. Just figured I would let people know.

Random Sims stuff

So it has been forever since I posted much of anything. Well I built another school and created another set of uniforms. You know how much I love those (well I create them enough). So this building actually takes up two lots because there was a lot I needed to do with it. But with some clever photo angles it can easily look like the same building.
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Life Update February 2015

Wow it has been forever since I last posted anything on here, I'm sorry! I just looked at the last thing I posted and wow!

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I'm so excited!

Alright, most of you may know that one of my biggest interests is Japan, it's language and it's culture. I have been studying Japanese on my own for a couple years now and have been debating what I want to do. It was set in stone that, yes I will be going to Japan. I bounced between Teaching English and just visiting multiple times, I decided to do some research before i came to my decision. I was already leaning toward teaching back in April, but with my mother going through Chemotherapy I decided to wait until that was over. I have three siblings but they were all pretty busy which lead to me being my mother's caretaker and helper much of the time. She finished up chemo in early June. That is when made a few last minute comparisons and made a decision which to apply to:

I applied through the online application on the website and spent the following days being nervous and hoping to get the interview. This past Saturday I received an email telling me that they would like me in for an interview. I ran around my house cheering excitedly to the point my parents wondered what was going on. So I printed out the email and showed them, then proceeded to text my siblings and a couple close friends. They know that this is something I would really like to do and experience so, for the most part, they seemed pretty supportive. I looked at the available interview days and where they would be located and then tried to figure out how I was going to get there. The one I'm leaning toward is in Toronto on July 3rd, because it is closer to where I live; on the other hand there were also two interviews in New York City (which would be my second choice, but I don't really want to fork over more cash for a hotel :/) on July 10th and 11th.

The email told me what would be happening during the interview, which I am glad they did so I can prepare myself. There will be an English test (which I expected, it is an English teaching job) and a teaching demonstration. I have been taking English tests online and I will be looking over my parts of speech, spelling and vocabulary. I am also going to see if I can practice "teaching"  my family and friends. I don't know what they will ask me to teach, but it will likely be basic things such as animals, shapes or colors. Then I have to think of what questions I will ask during the question and answer session. I have a lot of prep work to do, but a little bit of prep can go a long way. Some blogs I have come across all seemed to have something in common, they were prepared.

I asked off July 3rd (and 4th) because that is the interview I am leaning toward attending, but, just in case, I have also asked off July 10th and 11th. Either way, I am getting to an interview because I REALLY want this job. According to the email they are hiring for a mid-September start, which is in the middle of the Japanese school year (which actually starts in April and ends the following March with breaks in between). So I really hope this all goes well! I'm looking forward to being in Japan (working and living) in September.


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